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PSPad is a great text editor for developers, supporting rich text formatting and highlighted syntax. Furthermore it is totally free.

A programmer’s editor is an essential tool not only for an established programmer, but for a person learning to code as well. There is a huge difference between a text editor or a programmer’s editor and a word processor. The main difference is that a text editor is concerned about the editing of text and is not at all concerned about the print presentation of the text. PSPad is a text editor that helps programmers all over the world write code that can be turned into a workable software. It comes with a better balance between a word processor and a text editor than most programming tools in the market today.

pspad templates

PSPad is a perfect integrated development environment.

It supports multiple syntaxes from various programming languages. It has the ability to catch and parse compiler outputs and compare various versions of a project file. When used as a web-editor PSPad can validate, tidy and correct the HTML code using its integrated TidyHTML feature. Its built-in FTP client helps transfer the files on a remote server. Other standard editing tools included in the program include a spellchecker, autocomplete, file search and replace and a macro recorder.

The editor supports some of the most popular programming languages such as python, C++, SQL, PHP, ASP and visual basic. Many templates allow further customization.



  • it has a spelling checker which most programming editors do not have, thus making the work of a programmer much easier
  • has autocomplete to ensure that typing of codes is easier where words are repeated many times
  • has a code checker for C++/C, Pascal, HTML, PHP, CSS and XML among many others making it easier to identify mistakes
  • it supports an external browser with APACHE support
  • it has the ability to call external programs from many different environments
  • it has the ability to sort lines making it great when it comes to dropping duplicate lines
  • it can reformat and compress HTML codes
  • built-in macro recorder
  • shows differences in texts by highlighting in different colors
  • it is freeware


  • it is slow with bigger projects

System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, xp, vista





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2016-01-22 17:08:52


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